Whitewater Rafting Experience

Whitewater trip down 13 miles of breathtaking scenery of the Lehigh Gorge State Park. Experience Class II and III whitewater. This whitewater trip is one to remember. No experience is necessary. You will be accompanied by a professional guide who will escort your raft from his kayak. The scenery is spectacular along the riverbanks.

Underground Adventure

Zerkers Legend Session Coaching with Yanik Silver. Yanik Silver is a serial entrepreneur although he still considers himself a ‘techno dunce’. Starting from his one-bedroom apartment and with just a few hundred dollars, Yanik has built multiple 7-figure businesses.

Price: from $1,000.00
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Tough Mudder Experience

Join Us For The Tough Mudder NJ Challenge, There is no way you're escaping getting dirty on this one Are you ready to unleash the Zerker in you by pushing your mental and physical limits at Tough Mudder NJ? Connect and learn from like minded individuals. This event will truly challenge you to new levels.

Price: from $50.00
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StockCar Racing Experience

This Driving Experience gives YOU the opportunity to get behind the wheel of these supercars and make your dreams a reality. Each experience includes full training and laps around the course with a professional driving instructor walking you through every step. Want to go fast, this is for you!

Price: from $600.00
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Skydive NJ Adventure

Make A Commitment To Live Life To The Fullest Join Us For Zerkers Skydive. If you are looking for an Extreme Adventure Skydive in NJ, you have found the right place. Each year a group of us gathers to jump together and commitment to continue to live life to the fullest.

Price: from $250.00
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Sacred 7 Eco Adventure

Help Save The Rain Forest While Taking An Amazing Adventure. If you had a chance to take an adventure trip that could not only help you but help us all...would you? All of the work that Sacred 7 does helps restore and preserve Earth’s vital natural resources. Paradise is waiting!

Price: from $1,250.00
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RaceCar Driving Experience

This exciting Racecar Driving Experience puts you behind the wheel of a TQ Midget Racecar for 10 thrilling laps at the Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall, New Jersey. Your heart will pound as you put the power to the track just like the pros. You're in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Polar Plunge Chicago

Take on a personal challenge while having having fun and raising money for a great cause. If your going to experience Chicago, this is the way to go. Join 2,000 other “spirited” people at the Annual Chicago Polar Plunge in March at North Avenue Beach. Brrrrrrrrr!!!!

Price: from $625.00
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Mountain Climbing Experience

Whether you’ve climbed indoors at a gym or never climbed before this class is perfect for you. Classes take place outdoors on real rock at some of the best climbing crags in the East including Cathedral and Whitehorse Ledge in North Conway and the Gunks in New Paltz. You'll be taught everything you need to know to get started with mountain climbing

Price: from $150.00
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Kayak Hiking Experience

Join us for a fun challenge experience on the Navesink River and Hartshorn Woods. After check-in our group will launch Kayaks and head east up the Navesink River and dock Kayaks at the base of Hartshorn Woods, run up a few trails and then the group will participate in a unique private facilitated impact session on goal setting and recoding your mindset.

Ice Climbing Experience

Ever sit on your couch in the winter time and wonder what in the world there is to do? We'll we've got an adventure for you! Life is a slippery slope, and navigating it is a lot like ice climbing. This adventure is about teamwork, trust, and preparation. It's cold but well worth the view.

Price: from $225.00
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Gerrzerk Surf Coaching

Zerkers Legend Session: Brad Gerlach is recognized as one of the top big wave surfer’s in the world. Brad is the founder and Commissioner of the National Surf League, an in-demand public speaker, corporate consultant, surfing analyst, and private surf instructor. CALL FOR PRICING

Price: from $0.00
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Costa Rica Adventure Experience

Costa Rica Adventure Experience With A Payoff That Can Change Your Life Leave the distractions behind. There will be limited access to electronic interruption, cell phones, and computers. Zerkers experiences require intense focus. You will be pushed to your limits.

Price: from $1,250.00
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