Coaching Has Its Benefits

Anyone can apply yet not everyone will be accepted.


Does applying for coaching instantly gain you access? Absolutely not.


This type of coaching is definitely not for everyone! If selected for the program, you will be opened up to experiences that you never thought possible.


Maybe you’re asking yourself, “do I really need coaching?” The answer is “no!” You may not be ready, but if you don’t give it a shot, it’s guaranteed you’ll be missing out.


Once we receive your application, one of our team members will contact you.


Curious about the perks? When you become a member of Zerkers, you have access to a whole world of opportunities.


While it’s difficult to monetize quality of life, this is a modest investment in your future. If you have questions, please email us at hq at


Please, tell us a little about you…and why you are a fit for Zerkers.


Help Text

For members to get maximum value you will need to meet these three important initial qualifications:


Qualification #1: You must be physically able to participate. Coaching is strictly for active individuals. On average, members participate in at least 2-5 activities that push them to their limits each year.


Qualification #2: You are willing to contribute openly and candidly with other members. We select based on what they “bring to the group” It’s not about you.


Qualification #3: You leave your excuses at the door!



You are Family at Zerkers:

For us to best help you, please include the following information in your message, and we will respond to your email as quickly as possible.


 Please Specify One Or More:

  • Would like to attend a group adventure.
  • Would like to coordinate or collaborate.
  • Would like to book a custom trip.
  • Would like help achieving life goals.

Other Ways To Connect:

We look forward to helping you with your inquiry.


Mailing Address:
Zerkers HQ
104 Shrewsbury Avenue #2297
Red Bank, NJ 07701


PH: 732.707.7551 – Coaching
PH: 732.704.4727 – Zerkerfit