Best Day Foundation

28 Jul Best Day Foundation


Best Day Foundation is an opportunity to get involved with a great event

Best Day FoundationBest Day Foundation helps children with special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun, adventure activities like surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, snow sports, and more. Please join us in creating special days for children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Blindness, Cancer, Spinal Cord Injuries, and other physical & developmental challenges.

I have been surfing for almost my entire life but this session was on of the best sessions ever. If this clip does not touch your heart I don’t know what will. Check out the big smiles on these kids faces. Caught a bunch of fun waves this day.

Best Day Foundation really embodies the Zerkers philosophy of helping others. You’ll see a couple of Zerkers in the clip. I am the dude on left back of the surfboard along with Scott Keller owner of Jollymons an awesome guy and resident Nautical Fantasy Fulfillment Engineer. My mini Zerker is also next to us. We plan on attending this event in Jersey often so check them out and help out if you can.

Best Day Slide Show