03 Feb Zerkers 365 10x LIfe Challenge is on!

What is Zerkers 365 10x Life Challenge?

Life ChallengeIt is a simple question that someone asked me that changed my life “do you love what you do?” If not, it’s time for Zerkers 365 10x life challenge.

It is an experience and step by step process that will help you achieve more in the next 365 days then you have in the last 10 years. It is a very simple life challenge, but the payoff is huge. The process has truly changed my life forever and others along the way. ==> Accept the life challenge here.

Here is a quick list of what applying these principles has done in my life, and if a laid back surfer dude can do it you can too.

  1. Left a crappy job with long hours and no flexibility (that happened to pay well) but left me miserable and burnt out every day.
  2. Went back to school and honed my knowledge in a completely different industry in essence starting a career from scratch after 10 year.
  3. Met and have been mentored by industry legends, guys I have looked up to my entire life. Not only meeting but developed business partnership.
  4. Left the county for two months to live in Costa Rica with the support of my Family which, led to one of the most breakthrough periods in my life.
  5. Checked off big life list goals like, bungee jumping, skydiving, mountain climbing, completing one of the toughest races on the planet, and surfing the longest left hand break in the world.
  6. Moved into a new home
  7. Was able to say yes to my wife when she asked for a BMW. (Which, was lost in hurricane sandy) so now I got to work on that one again. LOL.
  8. Have more time to volunteer for charities and good causes
  9. Love what I do and spend more time with my kids, actually I stayed home full time for two years with my kids.
  10. And most recently traveled with my family while running multiple adventures for a group of 10+ students in Costa Rica

I now go to work at 10am, work 1 minute form the beach and can sneak in a surf session when the waves are up but most importantly when my daughter looks into my eyes and asks me “Dad do you love what you do” I can honestly say yes.

So do you love what you do? This is the question I want to haunt you.

It’s all about having more fun, more adventure, and more success while living life to the fullest.

The first step is to accept the challenge and start living your dream ==>Take The Life Challenge

Good luck,